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  • Marissa Schmid

    ⓕurry & ⓕeathery ⓕriends - photos of birds, pets & wild animals - Pinecone chicken

  • Caitlin

    I shall name her Ms. Frizzle.

  • Lauren Chiodo

    Polish Frizzle Chicken - HAHA BEST ANIMAL EVER

  • Jennifer Morris

    Polish frizzle bantam ... Love this one! One of the more unusual looking chickens you may run across is the Frizzle. Frizzled chickens are not so much a breed, as a type of bird. Any breed of chicken can be bred to be frizzled, but the most commonly seen Frizzles are based on Cochins, Plymouth Rocks, Japanese, and Polish chickens. Can we talk about having an exotic chicken coop, please? Geez and you thought that you had a bad hair day.

  • rbp

    Polish Frizzle Bantam I love fancy chickens!

  • Rach Friedman

    Polish Frizzle Bantam chicken.. Fabulous hair girl!

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"I think it's what they call a 'bad hair day' - any idea how I can make it better?"

i don't think this one made it into the extraordinary chickens calender. .. but it should have

Anyone venture to guess why I might be drawn to these crazy looking chickens? The 1980's come to mind...

silkie chicken looks more like a big fur balm to me

Frizzle Mutt rooster--he has that "I just endured a hurricane look".

Hester. I'm obsessed with photographing color right now. I can't wait until winter is over and all the white is replaced with those beautiful greens and blues!

If I were a chicken...this would be my self-portrait!!

Polish frizzle bantam chicken…I used to have one similar to this

Chicken: Polish Frizzle Bantam White This chicken may be having a slightly bad feather day, but it is rocking it with all it's might. Give her/him a hand for doing what takes most women three hours to do.

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