Smart Art - Body Systems (This is a creative, hands-on project for kids learning about the human body. Directions, photos, templates, and labels are included.) $2.00

My Body Map - a great way to start teaching kids about their body. You could be as detailed as their age will handle

paper doll human body system

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Human Body Systems: Lesson Plans, Worksheets, & Printables

Human body Systems fold-able. Suggested by Andrea Beaty, author of Rosie Revere Engineer and ONE GIRL [Abrams 2017].

Movable hand art craft to learn about tendons and hand anatomy. Instructions are in French, but there are a lot of photos. Activity for Apologia Anatomy & Physiology #homeschool human body lesson activity

Wearable human body project. Super cute for my unit on the human body in April!

Skeletal system hand x-ray craft. This came out beautifully!

Learning about mother Earth has never been this fun! Simply inflate, colour, learn & play!

Page 1 of 2 Grade 6-8 Life Science Human Organ Systems Foldable 1. Skeletal System (Bones) 2. Integumentary System (Hair & Skin) 3. Muscular System 4. Circulatory System 5. Respiratory System 6. Digestive System 7. Excretory System 8. Immune System 9. Reproductive System 10. Nervous System 11. Endocrine System

The Human Body by Kelli Anderson: Stop-motion animation with cut paper showing how the human body works.

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If you're looking for human body activities, this model of the respiratory system is a fun and easy way to combine both science and art.

Cool!! THE WORLD - A GLOBE CRAFTIVITY FOR SOCIAL STUDIES - a fun way to study the continents and major water bodies $

The skeletal system with cheerios, pasta and chalk- Now What, Ms. Lemons?

Marvelous Me! Paper Bag Human Body Project


Structure of Life Science Interactive Notebook Pages - Journal Templates: Body Systems, Plant and Animal Cells, Cell Theory, Levels of Organization, Prokaryotic vs. Eukaryotic, Cell Organelles, Characteristics of Organisms and much more.