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Ralph C. Lincoln, 11th generation Lincoln, 3rd cousin of Abraham

Abraham Lincoln’s funeral procession in New York City, April 24th, 1865. The house on the left, on the corner of 14th St. and Broadway, is that of Cornelius Roosevelt, and the 2 young boys looking out of the window are Teddy Roosevelt and his brother Elliott. For more about Lincoln and his death train, see:

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Abraham Lincoln, 16th President.

Mary Todd Lincoln 1818-1882, Wife of Abraham

President Lincoln was named for his grandfather, Abraham Lincoln. This grandfather was killed in an Indian attack while he and the president's father, Thomas, were working a crop. The Indian brave tried to kidnap Thomas. One of the president's uncles killed the Indian and saved Thomas. All this happen in the late 1700s in Jefferson County, Kentucky (just east of Middletown). This marker is in the area of the Lincoln homestead. Abraham's paternal grandparents were brought to KY by Daniel Boo...

Daguerreotype of Lincoln and his family in front of the White House

Nancy Hanks Lincoln, Abraham Lincoln's mother. .

Seated pose of Republican President Abraham Lincoln holding Emancipation Proclamation papers. 1863.

Abraham Lincoln's grand daughter's. Robert Lincoln's daughters, Mary and Jessie Harlan Lincoln

Most people believe that Lincoln sported a beard for the majority of his life, but in actuality he spent most of his life without facial hair. He only began growing his whiskers in 1860, during his run for president.

John Wilkes Booth, the Abraham Lincoln Assassin.

ABRAHAM LINCOLN'S FUNERAL included a wake for the late president held on Cleveland's Public Square on 28 Apr. 1865. Lincoln had been assassinated in Washington, DC, on 14 Apr. Cleveland was one stop in a 1,700-mile rail journey to Springfield, IL, where Lincoln was buried on 4 May. The funeral train arrived in Cleveland at UNION DEPOT from Buffalo, NY, at 6:50 A.M. from Karen S

People gathered around crate containing the coffin of President Abraham Lincoln on September 26, 1901. After attempts were made to steal Lincoln's corpse, Robert Todd Lincoln decided that it was necessary to build a permanent crypt for his father. Lincoln's coffin would be encased in concrete several feet thick, surrounded by a cage, and buried beneath a rock slab.

"The photo of Lincoln lying in an open coffin is the only one that exists. It was taken by photographer Jeremiah Gurney, Jr., on April 24, 1865, as the president’s body lay in state in City Hall in New York. It was immediately confiscated by Secretary of War Edwin Stanton (1814-1869) and was hidden away for 87 years until it was discovered in the Illinois State Historical Library in 1952, by then 15-year-old Ronald Rietveld, who was researching the papers of Lincoln’s persona...

Lincoln assassination artifacts | Carriage that the Lincoln’s took to Ford’s Theatre on the night of ...

Robert Todd Lincoln, son of Abraham Lincoln, attending the dedication exercises at the Lincoln Memorial (May 30, 1922).

Lincoln’s Clothing | Ford's Theatre - Lincoln's Brooks Brothers coat 'One Country One Destiny' stitched inside