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Patient who arrived at the hospital with symptoms of pneumonia is given an x-ray, only to discover his neck is full of needles. The patient is a heroin addict who would shoot up into his neck, he would then pass out or fall asleep and the needles would break off into his neck.

Juan Baptista dos Santos (born in Portugal in 1843) was known as "The 3-legged Man." In addition to his three legs he also happened to have two penises, both very active. Around this same time, Blanche Dumas was making her name as the "3-legged Courtesan." Like Santos, she had three legs, two sets of genitals and reportedly a voracious sexual appetite. Dumas and Santos met in Paris and had a torrid (and rather well publicized) relationship.

After recovering from surgery this girl had a new talent…

Back boob

Decades without cleaning teeth leads to calculus bridge - Imgur

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No words....

Garlic butt HAHA? HAHAHA!!! Innapropriate I know, but sooo funny!!! LOL

I can't stop laughing...I mean really???

The Worst Body Piercing Ever

Anyone want sushi?

Two-headed Blue Shark found---as though one head wasn't scary enough

I Don’t Think You Should Be On That Swing.

Testicle shampoo. Who knew?

boob lady

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Side effect of frequent cocaine drug use. With a perforated septum, think of how much MORE cocaine can be snorted. Is this really what you want? #addiction

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