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Hmmm, can't seem to find any WARM undies!

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And...she's out

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It S Poop


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love babies

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Oh my goodness! What fantastic cheeks!! Whoa!!!


The aftermath of the battle…


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not one thing


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Lol. Arent these feet too big for you? Cant stop laughin at this funny pic.

Hahahahaha Pretty





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Yeah right, I'll sleep while the baby is sleeping. I'll also never do laundry, dishes, take a shower, eat, or go to bathroom. #Funny

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or..... a "redneck baby swing" ! When you attend a company picnic at a State park and there are no baby swings available...punch a small hole on either side of watermelon and thread rope through and hang on swing set- seriously.. just kidding....

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Probably not how she pictured this coming out.

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gotta get use to em at an early age

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Nobody wanted to pull him.


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lmao..can't wait till my children are old enough to do this!


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Baby Oil


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uh ohhhh

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