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exactly, keep your mouth shut;) Especially this nasty bitch i know, please go away & stop posting your meme's if you do have something to say, grow up & actually say it. Keyboard bullies=people who didn't get raised with the decency to have respect, for others & their opinions...

Oh no!

soo true..its a general post,everyone can relate to but if the shoes fits

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The granny years

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I totally read this in @Dena Gabrielli Gibson voice!

"The first 40 years of childhood are always the hardest."

Ohmygosh, I never thought of that before!


Ha ha

Minion quotes, hahaha amazing and so true


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Crazy Minions!! LoL

Best Somecards

Couple people I know....or used to know....can suck it.


Family Photo by Godfrey Wong~♛

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