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enchantedengland: An evocative rural-English-village image. **melancholy sigh** TAKE ME BACK TAKE ME BACK I miss England terribly!! a pinner wrote. My words exactly!

Very cool, but Jack didn't start Torchwood. He doesn't even run all of Torchwood, just Cardiff. Queen Victoria founded Torchwood (right after knighting and then exiling the Doctor in Tooth and Claw). Jack may be shaping things now, especially after Canary Wharf, but props to the Queen and let's not forget why Torchwood was founded. (Also, Slitheen.)

The doctor, fish-fingers, and custard. How is it possible for this much yum and ew to exist in one place?

The light flashes on top when the phone rings. It has a plastic roof but is wood veneer.

okay, this is too cute....but I don't know if I could incorporate something like this into the reception at this point. I'm doing something a little different but along the same's a surprise.

Eilean Donan Castle, Scotland

doctor who bookmarks!!! They also have Merlin & Arthur, Sherlock & John, and Harry Potter!!! All my buddies cooridinate and get me them for my birthday!!!

I didn't think that David Tennant could get more adorable, and then they photographed him snuggling a kitty. I am so jealous of that cat!