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Definitely one of my favorite advertisements that I have seen. The simple visual of the ad is genius because it is promoting exactly what children see when they play with Legos.

Lego print marketing - Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Effective simple advertisement. To a parent it might be just a block, but to a child it's anything they can imagine.

I Believe in Advertising | Only selected advertising | Advertising Blog & Community - LEGO: Goldfish, Frog, Canary, Mouse

German ad agency Jung von Matt has created this charming print campaign to advertise Lego. The ads feature minimalist interpretations of some of our best-loved cartoon characters, all created with blocks of Lego: can you guess who's who?

TEAGAN // Lego strikes again with it's clever and minimal design concepts. This constrained visual language is displayed through the imagination of child creating a dinosaur out of a basic Lego shape. Whilst this does advertise the Lego company, it also portrays a strong example of this minimalistic imagery through an isolated and colourful block.

Gran manera de comunicar el mensaje de Lego. Comunicación UP.

A new Expedia print campaign from Ogilvy uses airport IATA codes to great effect

I smell creativity. Find out your Motto and tune in Sundays 10/9c for all new episodes.