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Egon Schiele

nausica-of-wind: “ Egon Schiele from Schieles notebook ” Renderings of Egon’s Schiele’s art by ObjectivelyArtsy

Julia Yellow illustration / on Design Work Life

Julia Yellow illustration / on Design Work Life- Inspiration for visually documenting the high street

Wally Neuzil, the muse of Egon Schiele

off Hand made oil painting reproduction of Seated Woman With Bent Knee, one of the most famous paintings by Egon Schiele. Egon Schiele’s 1917 canvas Seated Woman With Bent Knee is an intense early Expressionist painting completed just a year befo.

la beauté sera convulsive ou ne sera pas

Egon Schiele - Love how he can draw simplistic anatomy and bodies but it also come off so dimensional. Little shading but it's so real Egon Schiele

Egon Shiele interior drawing contour

Egon Schiele(Austrian, Desktop in the prisoner of war camp in Mühling 1916 -- never seen this drawing before.


egon schiele, dancer “moa”, 1911 otra mujer del pintor vienes EGON SHIELE - i was once told id love this artist, we do have a similar hand.

Egon Schiele Uit portrettenspielerei op http://charlottedemey.be/portrettenspielerei/

Egon Schiele Akt (Nude) 1913 // Oh man, this is how I feel, and this is the move I make, when I'm walking and something hurts out of nowhere and just sends me into flight or fight mode.

Hollie Chastain, Book Cover Collages, Contemporary collage on old book covers, The Hole Summer Reading exhibit

(Hollie Chastain) collage book covers (could be used for kids art books, a great first art lesson)