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#Kony2012 - Use these images as your display pictures for your BBM, Twitter, Facebook, etc and show you are willing to fight the injustice

from Inhabitat

Jonna Pohjalainen’s Giant Colored Pencil Sculptures Make You Feel Miniature!

Giant Colored Pencils by Jonna Pohjalainen: Feel like a lilliputian! #Sculpture #Environmental_Art #Jonna_Pohjalainen

Directly opposite to the concept of a universe as machine built on law is the vision of a world self-synthesized. On this view, the notes struck out on a piano by the observer participants of all times and all places, bits though they are in and by themselves, constitute the great wide world of space and time and things. —John Wheeler

Her photographs have been likened to Tarkovsky’s films. Others say that they breathe a sense of a dreamlike beauty, an ode to time elapsed. Wherever the truth lies, the works of Nastia Kaletkina have a pulsating intensity and the ability to cause a flood of thoughts.