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Paws for thought: Cat Orville was turned into a helicopter by his artist owner Bart Jansen, pictured right,after he was run over by a car

Cats away! Artist turns his dead pet into flying helicopter after it is killed by a car

Orvillecopter takes flight: Cat run over by car gets extra life… as a remote-controlled helicopter A cat, a helicopter, or a piece of art? The Orvillecopter by Dutch artist Bart Jansen is all of.

cats man, good for nothin or good for all.

Moving art: The Orvillecopter is on display in a gallery during at the Kunstrai art festival in Amsterdam

GQ Cat

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Nutikas kass mängib jengat. | Parimad videod | Meelelahutus

Nutikas kass mängib jengat. | Parimad videod | Meelelahutus

Dutch artist turns dead cat into catocopter.

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a dead, flying, stuffed cat helicopter!

Dead Helicopter Cat by artist Bert Jansen, at the KunstRai art fair in Amsterdam

Something Tells Me He's Not Too Much Of A Threat...

Something Tells Me He's Not Too Much Of A Threat…

Bahahaha Evil Kitty

Remember spraying me with that water bottle? Now have fun wiping your ass. (this is what you get of having fun with your pet, vendetta sets in.


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