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d12 torch lamp in stained glass. $300.00, via Etsy. Yes, you heard that right. a 12-sided die, now as living room furniture. Geek on!

Cubicle- I might actually like to work! @Traci Quick you should do this! YES AMY I SHOULD!!!! HAHA!

(image via: Art Lebedev) If anyone knows security, it’s a geek… and that goes for home security too. Frustrate home invaders, Girl Guides and pizza delivery boys with the Defendius door chain. It even sounds like a video game! Designed by Art Lebedev on what must have been an especially slow day, the brassy device takes the classic door chain to a new level… of paranoia.

Claes chair by Thayer Coggin Ahead of their time. We had a contest for it three years ago!

top out of aluminum, legs out of light wood. Great low table for music in the park. maybe add straps?

Really handy basic work station for the more flat-ish work that I do (with canvas and sketchpad storage *swoons*). *waffles* It might be better to build my own. More customizable.

A mother made her son some geek furniture... That's is an awesome and cool idea for my future children bedrooms - Imgur