All you need is an empty Kleenex box. Oh, and cash. Dollar bills. Tape the dollar bills together end to end with Scotch tape. Obviously the more dollar bills the greater the “WOW.” Stuff them in the Kleenex box with just one dollar sticking out of the box. It’s fun to watch someone’s eyes grow wider as they pull out the dollars that go on and on. Make a tag that says: Don’t blow it all in one place. Happy Birthday.

A fun way to give cash - Put them in a tissue box with a note that says, "Don't blow it all at once!"

give money as a gift!� wow money cake great idea - could make it smaller if don't have that much money or use some photocopied notes added to the real ones

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Sayings for every candy bar! Fun way to say thanks!

Creative Ways to Give Money (for any occasion!)

DIY money gift idea, gift ideas for men or boys, teenage birthday present ideas- wrap it up for parties! Via

Seed Packet Wreath - Dollar Store craft tutorial

Creative Ways To Give Money As A Gift | Another creative way to give the gift of CASH----bills are all folded ...

now there is a use for dollar store t's

Dollar store Christmas ball Wreath. Click the link to see the finished product.

punch a hole in the shape of a heart into an old book (I'm thinking a dictionary and choosing certain words), and arrange them into a frame for decoration

Happy Birthday Board. This is a GREAT gift because it can be used year-round to remind us of upcoming birthdays! No one likes sending out Belated Birthday cards anyway right?! This is a super cute way to remind yourself of the birthdays for friends and family members! Heck, you could add Holidays and Anniversaries too!

How to make a Money Rose ~ A clever idea for ANY occasion!

transportation happy birthday daddy card

Mug with a hoop!

OMG. I am so making this one.