kid's art display

great idea

Embracing Life's Journey: Art Wall Display

Awesome way to continually swap out photos!

GREAT IDEA......Store and organize board games in a hanging shoe organizer. Never thought of this.

I found my next project!

This would be adorable if the adults hands formed a heart. For an infant you could use their feet.luv this!!

Reading nook -- frame book covers, like the picture books display

Art table...I heart anything art-related for kids. Now, if only I had the space!

Instead of artwork, could have grocery lists and things to be done around the house

A way to display kids art. I love how the bright ribbon accentuates the kids pictures.

Motherhood Inspired: Displaying Kid Art

childs gallery wall

No more cluttered fridge. I love this. Change out as often as you want.

Kids art display

This is a great way to display work and art

LOVE this very inexpensive idea for showing off artwork.

Hanging garden basket in kids room

A vintage wagon to store children's books. Talk about thinking outside of the box! Ivy Clad: Guest Post: Classic Chic Home ~ ORDER IN THE PLAYROOM

Kid's Artwork Wall

Cute for a kid's bathroom