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Career Opportunities for people with terrible grammar.

Terribly Funny 2008

I'm afraid "Generation Y" is gonna have a big problem with such things. Seems grammar is lost upon them.

"An Apostrophe Is the Difference Between..."

“An Apostrophe Is the Difference Between…” ."a business that knows its shit and a business that knows it's shit." Put another way, the devil is in the details and paying attention to fine points (grammar or otherwise) can make or break you.

a woman, without her, man is nothing. that's the one I agree with. women are powerful!

Punctuation is POWERFUL. --ignore the fact that punctuation is spelled wrong in the quote.<spelling is powerful, too

grammar + awesome typography = fabulosity lol

Things I Hate I am no wordsmith but I love the English language and I try to use proper grammar.

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Easy English Grammar Lessons - Grammar Slammer - Karen Newell

Karen Newell's Grammar Slammer has easy English Grammar lessons, the easiest I've used in 20 years. Finally English Grammar lessons that my students understand!

Hole in your Yoga Pants

When You get a hole in your yoga pants :( bummer. Happened to me yesterday!