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Enormous jackets with shoulder pads over little skirts or leggings? Yes. I lived for those jackets!

Jordache craze.. My Jordache jeans had a starburst design. Loved them. I was thrilled my Mom bought them for me.

the 80's ...I had a jacket and boots almost exactly like that...except I wore pink knit pants and a lace top with mine.. lol

"We wait patiently, calmly, for the 90s to arrive and rescue us from the scourge of 80s fashion"

OMG........80's Guess jeans. Name brand jeans were the in thing to, Calvin Kleins, Gloria Vanderbilts etc.

80's buttons I remember feeling so cool wearing my Adam Ant ones. Lol

Buttons and Pins - 80s Vintage Fashion Inspiration...I used to have one just like

Paint splattered acid washed mini skirt. Does it get any better than this? #80s

Don't know who these chicks are but this pic says it all...brown leather bomber jackets, tight-rolled acid washed jeans, white Keds...

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