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I try to just look at the picture and cute, but the mom in me sees only that the sweet cat shouldn't be IN a plastic bag! is a sweet cat.

Bunny Rabbits: "I have a secret to tell you..."

Even sleeping Grumpy Cat still looks grumpy, but also so sweet.

Cat Etiquette... Also known as the absolute truth!!

Tard the Grumpy Cat, if I would ever want a cat-I'd want one like him!

I love the Grumpy Cat! Can I take him home?

Kittens (by jgeraert) ~ Sweet Dreams beautiful friends ♥ How can anyone not like cats?!

cats I have a black and white kitten just like this one.

I bet her feet smell like vanilla. Or, "ban-niwwa". Because I cannot speak in anything but Baby Talk when I look at this picture.// i had to re-pin this because my friend is tute.