Tons of April Fools Day Pranks and Ideas!!! I've got to remember these for next year!

This would be cute for April Fool's day

When a co-worker goes on vacation...

Parenting Win: The best way to play Mario Kart Wii

Prank. So wrong but I'm definitely doing this to my husband lol

OMG~This would be the best prank ever!! So doing this...

Your head in a jar, in the fridge prank. | 27 Pranks You Need To Really Own April Fool’s Day

good one!

A bunch of awesome (but not extreme) April Fools pranks! i will thank myself later for repining this

Idk if this is true, or if I'd ever try it but maybe I'll really need a question answered one day

April Fools prank. Spill nail polish on a sheet of wax paper, let dry, and set the dried polish on something he uses everyday. I will be pulling this one on the roomie. :)

Tons of April Fools jokes, a few of them made me chuckle quite a bit


April Fools Day Prank Ideas – 30 Pics >> some of these are pretty cruel, but funny

27 Pranks You Need To Really Own April Fool's Day

"a dangerous cake" Bahahaha! I'm so doing this to everyone I know!

April Fools: Smarties in a Tootsie Roll Wrapper

This was hilarious!