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    Overview of Chronic Pain: Chronic Pain Vs. Acute Pain #chronicpain #acutepain #chronicpaintreatment #painrecovery

    The Active Living Project: Welcome to Week One! | Move Nourish Believe

    Virtual Strangers or Real Friends?

    Bye Bye Loneliness Hello Aloneness - Everyday Gyaan

    What Are Your Anchors?

    Quotes Thoughts Sayings, The Truth Shall Set You Free, Blaming Others Quotes, Justice Quotes, Thoughts Quotes Things, Blame Quotes, Setting Someone Free Quotes, The Truth Will Set You Free, Truth Will Set You Free Quotes

    Expectations #quotes of the day #daily quotes #inspirational quotes #lovequotes #amazingquotes #trendingquotes #cutequotes #sadquotes #quotes #sayings

    Work hard, have fun, no drama.

    I always carry a large grin with me...just in case. {courtesy of Harold's Planet: }

    Old Script Or New Script?

    Facebook and Twitter- two integral parts of our lives. It is no big secret that you can easily ‘unfriend’ someone from your contact list on Facebook or Twitter. Let’s all face it, social media is a virtual world. Is it equally simple to ‘unfriend’ some one in ‘real life’? Read Corinne’s take on this topic in the post.

    Not choosing the safe path

    Are you ENOUGH? Is that what you tell yourself everyday? OR are you critical, judgmental and harsh? What would be available to you if you were to spend the next 30 days filling your thoughts and emotions with "I am enough- I am strong enough- I am pretty enough- I am talented enough- I am EVERYTHING enough to be who I am meant to be!"

    Playing The Blame Game #septemberchallenge - Everyday Gyaan

    The Practice Of Being Real #MondayMusings - Everyday Gyaan