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    Sunset over the town of Beit Shemesh

    Stalactite cave in Beit Shemesh

    Wildflower Fields Beit Shemesh israel

    Americans protest against the actions of the British Navy in boarding and taking over the Exodus 1947, a ship carrying Jewish emigrants to Palestine, July 1947.

    A party of rather young and very determined Jews sailing to British-held Palestine to start a new life there - 1946.

    On May 14th, 1948 Britain's mandate over Palestine ended. That afternoon the creation of the state of Israel was announced. On the following day the Arab-Israeli war began.

    A wing of the King David Hotel being blown up by the Irgun organization - July 22, 1946.

    A Haganah soldier - with Auschwitz tattoo - doing sentry duty in Jaffa.

    Jewish husband and wife - separated by the Nazis since 1941 - reunited in Haifa - May 1946.

    A Haganah refugee ship Exodus-1947 impounded by the British at Haifa - July 1947.

    A Jewish journalist stabbed by an Arab during the riots in Jerusalem that followed the November 30, 1947 announcement of the UN-sponsored partition of Palestine.

    Jews surveying some of the damage caused by the Ben Yehuda bombing The bombing was undertaken by Arab terrorists dressed up in British uniforms. 57 people died.

    Jews fleeing a bombing of Ben Yehuda Street in Jerusalem - February 22, 1948.

    British soldiers removing Jews from the Exodus in the Port of Haifa Featured here is the Exodus at port in Haifa on July 18, 1947, with the gaping holes in the ship from the ramming of British destroyers; British soldiers are removing the immigrants from the ship. Pictured below are some of the passengers from the Exodus praying aboard the deportation ship Empire Rival during its journey back to France on Tisha Ba’av (the traditional Jewish day of mourning), July 27, 1947.

    Image of Yemenite families escaping to Israel in Operation Magic Carpet. 1922, Yemen reintroduced an Islamic law requiring Jewish orphans under age 12 be forcibly converted to Islam. In 1947 Muslim rioters engaged in a bloody pogrom killing 82 Jews and destroying Jewish homes. In 1948 the false accusation of blood libel led to looting of Jewish homes. Virtually the entire Yemenite Jewish community - almost 50,000 - escaped Yemen between June 1949 and September 1950 in Operation "Magic Carpet."

    Holocaust survivors celebrate the Bar-Mitzvah's they missed as boys. Notice his camp tatoo between the straps of his tefilin.

    Rise and Shine from Gan HaShlosha in Israel, one of the most beautiful places in the world...we hope you have a fantastic day!

    Ein Gedi - Israel

    survivor - never forget - we live on - am yisrael chai - Israel

    Eilat, Israel

    IDF soldier wrapped in Teffillin.

    Graves on the Mount of Olives

    Pisa (Ark, today in the Armored Corps Synagogue, Latrun, Israel)

    New dancing water fountain set to open in July in the new Teddy Kollek Park in Jerusalem just outside the Old City Walls.