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I got Emma Stone! Which 2015 Academy Award Nominee Are You? You got: Emma Stone You’re one of those rare people who can somehow be totally normal and totally glamorous at the same time. People love your cool vibe and dry sense of humor, but they admire you for your hard work ethic and refusal to not just be another pretty face.

You got: Q You need someone who’s not only smart but has a heart of gold. He’s an old soul that will keep your life fascinating for years to come. Obviously, Q is the one for you.I got Q! Which "Paper Towns" Character Is Your Soulmate?

Are You More Like Margo Roth Spiegelman You’re just like Margo! You’re incredibly adventurous and sometimes rebellious. When you’re not off on an exciting journey, you’re making detailed plans for the next one. You also have a mysterious side that many people, including ones close to you, do not understand. You’re biggest worry is turning into a fake paper girl.Or Hazel Grace Lancaster

I got Rosé! Are You More Red Or White Wine?Red, white, rosé, sparkling, rice wine, you’ll drink practically anything. Heck, there’s probably even a bottle of Arbor Mist chilling in your fridge right now. Own it!

I got Independent! Can We Guess Your Personality Based On Your Coffee Preferences?You have specific preferences and goals in life, and you aren’t afraid to make them known. You’re a strong person that can stand alone if need be (but that’s not to say you don’t enjoy the company of friends too).

What Do Your Sneakers Say About You?You’re worldly and full of energy. Like a sports car or a breeze of air, you’ve got a cool vibe that’s sexy and muscular. Like the cat they’re named after, Puma fans are sleek and elegant, but perhaps the sliiiiightest bit gaudy

[GIFSET] Sorry, Jensen! You really have no choice in the matter :)

I got In a cottage on the beach! Where Will You Be Living In 10 Years?You’re fun, quirky, and in touch with nature, so you’ll have the greatest time living right on the edge of the water. Your down-to-earth sensibilities will lend well to so many peaceful mornings strolling the shore.

I got Patent Leather Pumps! Which Shoe Speaks To Your Sole?YOUR SOLEMATES ARE Patent Leather Pumps! It’s not just that they’re fashionable, it’s how they make you feel. Powerful, sexy, feminine, and like an all-around badass. You don’t need confirmation from the world that you’re powerful because you already know it. These shoes just make it easier to see whatever it is you need to conquer next.

I got Robin Scherbatsky! Are You More Like Robin Scherbatsky Or Lily Aldrin?Just like Robin, you cherish your independence more than anything else. You’re frank, honest, generous, funny, and curious. You want to travel around the world, discover new things (like becoming a teenage pop star) and you follow your dreams. You like to play hockey, smoke good cigars with your friends, and build sandcastles.

I got White! What Color Matches Your Zodiac Sign?You like all eyes on you, and are a ham in front of crowds and cameras. You thrive on others’ attention and praise, and are skilled at commanding it. Your aura is a bright, bright white.

I got Thomas! Which Guy From "Maze Runner" Should You Date?You and Thomas are the OTP! You both are brave, natural born leaders. He felt an instant connection when he was showing you around the Glade. The more you guys talked, the more his wall began to fall and his true self began to show. You really bring out the best in him.

I got Chloe - Which Pitch Perfect Character Are You? - Take the quiz!You’re bold, fun, and friendly (sometimes a little too friendly). You’re not afraid to go after exactly what you want, but you won't hurt people's feelings in the process. You make a good leader, because you’re diplomatic and you see things in others that they may not see.

I got Minerva McGonagall! Which "Harry Potter" Witch Are You?You’re fearless and strong like Minerva. You like to be in control, and people might think you’re a bit scary, but you’re a big softie inside.

I got "Pound the Alarm"! What Nicki Minaj Song Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign? You got: “Pound the Alarm” You’re sensual, passionate, funny, wild, and generous. People are looking at you? Good! You love to be in the spotlight.

I got Ygritte - Which Game of Thrones Woman Are You? - Take the quiz! A bit of a tomboy, you have a love for all things active and adventurous. You make a point to keep up with whoever's forging ahead, and you'll do whatever you need to do to succeed — well, to a point, anyway. Although you try to seem tough, you're secretly a bit sentimental, maybe even romantic. You're honest, candid, and committed to the people you love, fearless when it comes to fighting for what's most important to you.

I got Cece Parekh! Are You More Jessica Day Or Cece Parekh From "New Girl"?It’s hard being the sexiest person in the room, but someone’s gotta do it. Beneath your cool and sexy exterior lies the heart of a true friend and a loyal, trustworthy person. You don’t always make the best decisions, but you find a way to make things work and you’d make Cece proud.

I got Divergent! Which "Divergent" Faction Do You Belong In Based On Your Zodiac Sign?A Leo’s mind moves in several different directions and it does not like to be confined. They possess the loyalty of the Abnegation and the arrogance and courage of the Dauntless.

Oh hi there, there’s someone who’s so desperate to see you that he didn’t care about the pouring rain. | 26 Celebrity Men Who Want To Spend The Day In Bed With You

I got Annalise Keating! Are You More Annalise Keating Or Olivia Pope?You’re a stone cold badass. You could destroy someone in a single sentence, and you’re not afraid to fight for what you believe in. You’ll stop at nothing to make sure justice is served without even breaking a sweat. SLAY!

I got Duke Orsino! Which Channing Tatum Character Is Your Soulmate? You got: Duke Orsino You’re into the athletic type — a tough exterior but emotional deep down inside. Duke will be your date to the debutante ball and also give you soccer lessons. What more could you need?

I am multi talented! I can talk, annoy and irritate you all at the same time! #Minions #Talent

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