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    • Sandra Levy

      Mixed Media on Stretched Canvas

    • Francine Schwartz

      "Mazal Tov" ~ Marlene Burns ~ Most often used when offering congratulations or wishing good luck, "Mazal Tov" has a deeper message. Mazal, means an "alignment of stars." Each of us is born under an astrological field. Mazal determines personality, circumstances and potential…our destiny. The Jewish people believe that we have the ability to transcend our destiny, as referenced in the Torah, when G-d lifted Abraham above the stars. Mazal also means a "drip from above."

    • ABC etc

      mahal tov (interpretation)

    • Francine Schwartz
      • 2 years ago

      Our tradition sees our mazal as the influence of the stars trickling down on us. The mystics believe that our soul, our mazal, shines like a brilliant star from above with only one ray inhabiting our bodies. In this visual expression, the top of the painting shows the heavens filled with shining stars trickling downward. The main orb, symbolizing our soul, emits an orange ray into the largest circle, representing our physical body. Destiny is represented by the silver bar traveling through the stars, the upward movement expresses the concept of transcending one’s destiny. The juxtaposition of the up and down movements is a key element of the design. When we offer a "Mazal Tov," we evoke energy of the cosmic field to channel blessings. When heaven and earth meet and blessings abound, our destinies can be transcended.

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