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"Mazal Tov" ~ Marlene Burns ~ Most often used when offering congratulations or wishing good luck, "Mazal Tov" has a deeper message. Mazal, means an "alignment of stars." Each of us is born under an astrological field. Mazal determines personality, circumstances and potential…our destiny. The Jewish people believe that we have the ability to transcend our destiny, as referenced in the Torah, when G-d lifted Abraham above the stars. Mazal also means a "drip from above."

Shema & Teddakah, by Maurice Mahler. "This is one of six windows I created for a Chabad center in New Jersey, based on the Lubavitcher Rebbe's mitzvah campaigns."

"Thirst" By J. Anne Hamner (American) ~ Artist’s Statement: The piece “Thirst” was born of a question I’d been asking myself: “What constitutes a chassid?” There are many answers to this question, but at the core is a passion, a “thirst” to know G‑d.

"Shabbat Peace" - by Devorah Weinberg. In the painting, the light is coming from within the subject rather than surrounding her. This painting is a tribute to the Jewish woman.

Isaac Brynjegard-Bialik (American) "The Menorah" ~ Artist’s Statement: The Knesset Menorah is itself a history text, with scenes carved, detailing the history of the Jewish people. In “The Menorah,” cut-up scenes and speech bubbles from Daredevil comics stand in lieu of these stories; the story of this blind superhero who faces continual trials and challenges serves as a parallel to the high and low points of our people’s narrative.

Old Jewish Cemetery (Czech Republic). 'With 12,000 gravestones and some 100,000 bodies packed into a space the size of a few suburban gardens, Prague’s old Jewish Cemetery is like no other on earth.'