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Women should know - starting Aug1 all insurance plans must cover women's preventive care without co-pays! Please repin!

The truth is, this smirking douchebag's father fought alongside Fidel Castro to oust American interests from Cuba. Huh. Kinda like George W. Bush's grandfather was Adolph Hitler's Banker and helped finance the Third Reich. Weird.

Here are 11 Reason to vote Romney/Ryan on Nov. 6th. As Donald Trump would say, "You're FIRED". Now get out of our house and let someone else pay for your ugly wife's vacations!!! I hate that he has paid Secret Service protection for life. Despicable!! He hasn't earned it. Let his Muslim Brotherhood buddies protect him...

92 Million Americans out of the work force. 2.5 million more will lose employment due to Obamacare.