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Ancient Greece Bronze Horse in Gallop

greek horse

Etsyfrom Etsy

Etruscan Equine - Vintage Mid Century Etruscan Horse With Verdigris

Etruscan Equine Vintage Mid Century Etruscan by AllHorseVintage

Right Eye from a Statue, Greek, 500–100 B.C., marble, obsidian, glass, and copper

Unknown “The Hellenistic Prince” Statue of a prince or dynast without crown, traditionnally thought to be a Seleucid prince, maybe Attalus II of Pergamon. Bronze, Greek artwork of the Hellenistic era, 3rd-2nd centuries BC.| National Museum of Rome, Rome. History of Macedonia the ancient kingdom of Greece #Macedonia #Greece #History #ancient #kingdom #Hellenistic

Crouching Aphrodite (Venus Accroupie), a second century marble sculpture of the Imperial Roman Era, based on an original Greek statue of 3rd Century BC, height: 71 cm (27 ¾ in.), from the collection of Louis XIV, now in Musée du Louvre, Paris, France

Double figurine composed of the fore-quarters of facing cervids Bronze Iran in the Iron Age (14th–mid-6th century BC) and during the Neo-Elamite dynasties