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  • Will Tolmie

    A real man treats his woman like a princess!

  • Rachel Marquette

    Truth. And another reason I love my mother in law so very much. She raised 4 amazing sons.

  • Patti Anderson Meehan

    So true... Ladies raise your son to treat his future wife like a princess

  • Jean T

    A man who treats his woman like a princess is a proof that he has been born and raised in the arms of a queen. ⊱ one of my favorite quotes of all time. My mother is a goddess so I must live as a Demi-god... Love you mom

  • Tiffany Goodwin

    God i wish more mother in laws could be queen's. It would make being a daughter in law more appealing. ;) my son is knows how to treat the queen, so the princess in his future will be spoiled!

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If you live off a man's compliments you'll die from his criticism. -Cornelius Lindsey

You Are So Loved. A reminder to us all, no matter what we're going through, it's true :)

True of all parenting, sometimes it's easy to forget. I'm not a grandparent yet but I'm sure there will be moments just like I sometimes thought in wonder goodness I sound just like my mother there will be moments I see my daughter as a Mum & think goodness she sounds just like me. So yes lets set a good example.

Saw this today... pinned & repinned... by loads of ladies. Thing is, we have to be able to flip the words and they still remain true. "Real women stay faithful. They don't have time to look for other men..." I know it's been said & said, but I'm saying it again. If your husband/fiance/boyfriend went to go see a movie about female strippers with his buddies, you would not be ok with it.

True but money usually causes people to migrate toward you and if you are lucky you will find a few friends in the crowd.

Too adorable...all men should think like this

Always wearing a crown:) **You'll also attract a passionate and loving Scorpio Man!**

I am not your friend, I am your parent. {so many parents need to be reminded of this. But no worries, the day to be friends and a parent will come... you have the rest of your lives for that.}

Life's Little Instructions...from a 95 year old!

ee cummings. It's TRUE. It takes courage to be vulnerable, to be honest, to be true to yourself. It takes courage to grow older, to take responsibility for your own choices, to lead your own life. Have faith in you.