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    Cisco AGS first generation router

    1983, Monoscope

    1985 - The MicroVAX II was based on a single, quad-sized 32-bit processor board and contained the MicroVAX chip (which included memory management). The machine featured a floating-point coprocessor chip, 1MB of on-board memory, Q22-bus interface, Q22-map for DMA transfers, interval timer, boot and diagnostic facility, console serial line unit and time-of-year clock.


    1960 - November: The PDP-1, the world's first small, interactive computer is delivered to Bolt, Beranek and Newman (BBN). From a technical bulletin on the PDP-1, dated March 1960: "...a compact, solid state general purpose computer with an internal instruction execution rate of 100,000 to 200,000 operations per second. PDP-1 is a single address, single construction, stored program machine with a word length of 18-bits operating in parallel on 1's complement binary numbers."


    Cisco AGS first generation router

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    Cisco IGS first generation router

    Prime 750

    Cisco Wireless Router




    Cisco IGS Router Bridge

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