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  • Sarah

    I can't pick which quote is my favorite.

  • Cami Griffiths

    My personal favorite: Gus don't be this crevice in my arm. Makes me laugh everytime!!! :)

  • Jay B

    repinning solely because of the Nick Cage in Con Air quote......that movie was so annoying!

  • Caroline Hendricks

    Psych is literally my favorite show!!!! soooooo funny!!

  • Heather Jensen

    I'm definitely a Psycho :)

  • Amanda Rehak

    the gooey chocolate chip cookie is my favorite in the show. I use that a lot now - AR

  • Sir Back

    Psych <3 | Look around!

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shawn! Lol. Of course he knows how much gus has how else does he get the mony he wants lol.

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