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hahaha...oh the truths in this


Dutch Men Experience Contraction - Men And Childbirth

Two men go through simulated labor. The best ten minutes of my life. This should be a requirement for all men.

I knew SOMETHING had to be wrong with that chart. (For the record, BMI charts are total CRAP).

Blog du Modérateurfrom Blog du Modérateur

Les 11 types d'utilisateurs Facebook

Which one are you? #Facebook types

If you were gas in my butt, I would never fart for fear of losing you, cause you're the shit!

If the photo on the left was pink flannel, this would make me laugh out loud! Chris loves my sexy pink flannel pjs! Haha!


20 Jokes That Are So Stupid They Are Actually Funny. Number 7 Is Priceless.

stupid jokes that are hilarious. I love 5 and 13


Every night is the same!

So true this is why I don't get any sleep

What angle the camera can capture lolol died laughing