Grumpy Cat Halloween pumpkin! Probably our kids' favorite.

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Spray Painted Pumpkin

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Halloween pumpkins

great pumpkin

Kids love Easter egg hunts, so why not give the game a Halloween twist by hosting a mini-pumpkin hunt? For older toddlers/kids it would also be fun to decorate the pumpkins with paint, stickers, even glitter once they've been found.

love these-for Halloween :p


Happy Halloween

Ninja Turtles Halloween Pumpkin

lol! Love this. I am making this for Halloween dinner! It's my kids favorite recipe! :-))

A bunch of great pumpkin designs - too many to pick a favorite!!!

Grumpy Cat Pumpkin Stencil

No-carve Halloween pumpkin ideas: Mummy pumpkin. Love!

Cute idea for a "non-scary" Halloween pumpkin. Love The Wizard of Oz...Tin Man was always my favorite.


Whoa! Flaming fire Jack Skellington pumpkin jack o' lantern. Super favorite. I think Danny Elfman would be proud...

Fanged pumpkins.

Well, maybe everyone’s second favorite fish. | 25 Disney Pumpkins That Will Get You In The Halloween Spirit