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  • Miss. Sarah Glover

    Human Body app for kids - it allows kids free exploration, no instructions, no winning or gamification.

  • Zebra Playground

    "Human Body app for kids - one of our favorite science apps for kids." via CoolMomTech

  • Kelly Rich

    Giant list of the best educational apps! Lots of great and new apps!

  • Tapuach

    Human Body app for kids - Cool Mom Tech

  • M. Barnes
    • 1 year ago

    Best app ever. My 4 yr old now understand that he can always go pee b/c he saw that the bladder had stuff in it even after he peed. Less accidents now

  • Denese S.
    • 1 year ago

    My kids love this app. My husband cringes every time he heard the bowel "noises" though. Ha!

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