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    ringya app | cool mom tech

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    Overwhelmed with all those contact lists, assignments, to-dos, and classroom volunteer sign-up sheets coming home from school? Organization apps to the rescue!

  • Cool Mom Picks

    9 super helpful apps and websites to help parents get organized for school and classroom volunteering.

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The TED-Ed YouTube videos for kids are absolutely fascinating for kids. Bookmark!

Veritasium is a fantastic educational YouTube channel for older kids to help them understand science in a really hip way.

Safeband is a wearable safety device so you don't lose your keys, phone...or kids.

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New Inside Out bandages! Kids love them so much, they make great goodie bag party favors too.

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So genius: Parakito mosquito repellent band for kids + adults actually works! And uses natural oils, not toxic sprays.

Fun pool games for kids: Adapt the classic Red Light Green Light game for the pool

How to keep kids hydrated: Serve drinks with Krazy Straws. We dont' know why they get kids drinking 10x more water but somehow it works!

Really good recipe for making your own easy snack mix that goes beyond the ordinary. Great for road trips or camping or just snacks for the kids all year long. | Jelly Toast blog

We're dying for the YETI Hopper! Perfect cooler for families who want actually keep things COLD. Ice even stays frozen up to 48 hours.

This is how you win summer camp care packages! Gourmet rice cereal bars from Treat House that can even be printed with a camp logo.

How to help keep active kids hydrated this summer: 6 easy and important tips. (And WHY won't kids just drink more water?)

Kokoon EEG headphones: They're designed specifically to be worn at night, and a companion app tracks sleep patterns to help you get a better night's sleep. Wow.

Temporary tattoo "watches"printed with an emergency contact number. Really smart for theme parks, travel, toddlers.

Really great pool safety tip: Make your own pool rules based on kids' ages and abilities and be really clear about them.

The best YouTube cooking shows for kids to help get them more interested in getting into the kitchen. We like that!

Must-read piece about the Girl Scouts, bigotry, discrimination, compassion...and just loving our kids.

Cutting your landline? Here's a smackdown between the new Ily family phone and the Triby, just for families.