August Smart Lock: control who comes in and out through your phone. (Bad news for teens trying to break curfew.)

The Dash – Wireless Smart In Ear Headphones by BRAGI LLC. — Kickstarter. World's First Wireless Smart In Ear Headphones. 1000 Songs. Performance Tracking. Body Sensors. Secure Fit.

iHouse Smart Tap/Faucet... Love it!!

Technology that Every Home Should Take Full Advantage Of ~ Tech News 24h ~ few groovy things to keep track of

But Andrew would say Make it Blue! Kwikset Kevo Bluetooth Door Lock: this lock's even smarter than we thought

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I just plain want this. I want to understand how it works and I want the remote to come with a timer so that I can use it as an alarm clock. REMOTE CONTROL COLOR CHANGING LIGHT BULB

HGTV Smart Home: The smart tablets control the home's security systems; heating and cooling; lighting; the whole-house audio system; shading and swimming pool functions; plus energy monitoring. You've gotta see this amazing house! >>

Awesome!!! Biometric Deadbolt

Goji Smart Lock - takes pictures of who is at your door and automatically sends you picture alerts to your mobile phone, providing you with real-time information about who is accessing your home.

When you have digital information that you want to keep to yourself, it's best to store it on a flash drive that will only be brought out when necessary. You can hide it away under lock and key, but there's always a chance someone will get hold of it. If it should fall into the wrong hands, it's not exactly difficult to pull information off as you would only have…

This portable charger has it's own generator making it a great charging solution for the adventurers in your life.

Doorbell Lets You See Who’s At The Door, Even If You’re Not Home

August Smart Lock - Keyless – August’s encrypted locking technology is safer than keys that can get lost and codes that can be copied.

iDoorCam ~ Replaces your existing doorbell. Notifies you who's at your door even when you are not home.

best toaster ever?

Wi-Fi signal converted into electricity?.. Really?

"An in-wall Wi-Fi router" This could be used for small spaces or to extend the range of existing wifi networks.

Kevo electronic #bluetooth door lock

For the Front door - to see who is on the other side-Brinno Digital Peep Hole Viewer - Shut the front door.

Lockitron Announces New Keyless Deadbolt Entry and Remote Locking for iPhone.