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August Smart Lock: control who comes in and out through your phone. (Bad news for teens trying to break curfew.)

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The safest gift to get anyone on your holiday list

This portable charger has it's own generator making it a great charging solution for the adventurers in your life.

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CrowdFund Tech Gadgets

Goji Smart Lock - takes pictures of who is at your door and automatically sends you picture alerts to your mobile phone, providing you with real-time information about who is accessing your home.

When you have digital information that you want to keep to yourself, it's best to store it on a flash drive that will only be brought out when necessary. You can hide it away under lock and key, but there's always a chance someone will get hold of it. If it should fall into the wrong hands, it's not exactly difficult to pull information off as you would only have…

But Andrew would say Make it Blue! Kwikset Kevo Bluetooth Door Lock: this lock's even smarter than we thought

IDoorCam let's you see who's at the door even when you're not home

iDoorCam ~ Replaces your existing doorbell. Notifies you who's at your door even when you are not home.

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Glide toaster gives breakfast bread a new flair

best toaster ever?

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Best tech for men: T3's top gadget picks for any male

Best gadgets for men: New gadgets and gizmos 2014 | T3, take photos when thrown up in the air.


Danalock Smart Lock

Smartphone Deadbolt Lock: Allows you to open or secure your front door from anywhere in the world. Get it HERE:


Charge 5 iPads at Once With Griffin's PowerDock 5

You can now charge 5 Ipads at once with griffin's PowerDock 5! If you have lots of iOS gadgets throughout your home and always run out of plug sockets, and keep losing chargers worry no more. You can now charge 5 iOS gadgets at once, you will never have to worry again.This is such a good idea of charging more than one iOS gadget at once.

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Lockitron Lets You Unlock the Door With Your iPhone [VIDEO]

Lockitron unlocks your door when you are near or from your smartphone from anywhere in the world

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Cryptex flash drive uses combination lock sleeve, brings a whole new meaning to hardware encryption

Cryptex USB key, featuring "hardware encryption" (concept not reality yet).

Just like missing a call, missing a visit can change the outcome of your day. There is iDoorCam WiFi, a sleek gizmo that allows users to see and speak to the person who’s ringing their front doorbell, no matter where they are located. By installing an application on iOS and Android devices, home owners can conveniently keep track of their visitors.

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The ultimate gift guide for the techie in your life

The Kano computer enables users of all ages assemble a computer from scratch, and learn basic coding skills.

Pattern Door Lock is designed with the code combination hidden out of sight, adding an extra measure of security. Click to check it out. #security #safety #YankoDesign