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PlayableART ball toy for toddlers--or adults in need of great desk toys.

PlayableART magnet relief toy: A favorite new find at Toy Fair this week.

Playable Art Ball

Kupp' kid safe drinking glasses look adult, but are covered in a safe silicone in great colors

2 of the 4 new Melanites dolls, inspiring boys of color with

Grimm's Toys Ball Run Assembly Set Build your own amazing rainbow coloured wooden marble run. Love it!

Bears for Humanity | buy one, one is donated to US children's charities

I Am Elemental action figures for girls featuring traits that every girl has within her: Best toys of 2014

Sweet Lion Toy For Children

Chewbeads are such great shower gifts: Looks like it's for the mom, but the baby gets to enjoy it too.

The new Cloud B nightlight -a plush octopus! One of our favorite new finds at Toy Fair.

Blown away by these handmade, star shaped cloth teething toys.

Blabla dolls are fair trade, and among our favorites--and now on huge sale at Kangarooboo.

Krainkn Skateboards: Great gift for kids. The flexible straps help keep beginning riders on the board

Modern Elephant growth chart by EleFUNt

Awesome NYC themed toys for babies, all fair trade and hand-knit.

Handcrafted wooden city playsets that are as beautiful on a shelf as they are fun in a kid's hands

Toddler Travel Toys & Tips

French Village playset: One of our top toys of 2013

toy storage

Kay Bojesen wooden animals