Cutest safe headphones for kids we've seen--comfy and volume limiting!

3 volume-limiting headphones for kids

Excellent new volume limiting headphones for kids, with a built-in splitter to plug up to 4 in the same jack. Hooray!

The best kid safe browser for iPad and Android.

We're happy to see more volume limiting headphones for kids out there, and the newest entry is Buddyphones which has one feature we've never seen before.

Keeping Kids Safe on Youtube I am always monitoring the cartoon videos or minecaft games that my kid atches over and over. This is good for all moms, but I know many ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) moms have kids who love YouTube

These are my very top pick for road trips, and for kids, in general. KaZoo headphones that have a decibel limit that is safe! Very affordable, too!

Net Nanny is now available for iOS as well as Android, to keep kids safe when they're browsing. Phew.

14 Apps for Toddlers + iPad tips to keep it safe for kids

Print out and keep on your fridge--an easy way to help you keep your kids safe

KidJamz headphones kids protect kids' ears. Affordable too

Superhero Firefly toothbrushes for kids

LG GizmoPal: The new phone-watch for kids who are too young for phones, but need a way to call home. Smart!

I'd totally wear this fox jacket if it came in adult sizes. Maybe I need to sew it for myself. (love the tail!)

The most awesome ABC illustrations featuring iconic movie scenes.

YAY Kids sweater | PaulandPaulaShop on Etsy

Kid Van Gogh free drawing app for kids -- leave the crayons and markers at home!

A 100% SAFE way to make kids bath water glow. No highlighters. No harmful chemicals. All you need is ONE ingredient found in almost any grocery store. It is 100% edible, safe for kids, and even made for ingestion. (Glowing bath water is just TOO FUN not to try when made in this way)

Limetree app: A place to record all those funny things your kids say. Quick, before you forget one!

Baby Hunter wellies. We need these. They will last through at least 5 kids.

Fun Scavenger Hunts for Kids