Griffin kaZoo volume limiting headphones for kids. Back seat must-have!

KidJamz headphones for kids: Flexible, affordable, and volume-limiting. Perfect for road trips.

Excellent new volume limiting headphones for kids, with a built-in splitter to plug up to 4 in the same jack. Hooray!

Griffin kids AUX iPod cable - so cute. (Can cables be cute? We think so)

Safe ways for kids to watch videos online. Awesome round-up.

Toddler headphones that limit volume and don't require constant readjusting.

The best children's headphones - from Sony (And available at Target)

Edoki Academy's Easy Music App for kids is a fantastic intro to the basics of music education for preschoolers - and perfect for the backseat on long car rides. (With headphones.) |

cat ear headphones - how cute are these?

Typic Kids photo editing app: One of the best designed ones for kids we've seen

Moff band sound effects - you won't believe what this gadget can do. (Our kids would love!)

Really fun for snow days: Seedling Scavenger Bingo game app lets you create scavenger hunts in various locations, from generic (zoo, beach) to specific tourist destinations. Great for travel with kids!

Use an IKEA Remote Control Organizer as a kid car seat organizer - smart!

LG GizmoPal: The new phone-watch for kids who are too young for phones, but need a way to call home. Smart!

Spiderman + Batman light up toothbrushes from Firefly - kids love these!

Kid Van Gogh free drawing app for kids -- just the basics, without the crayons or markers to keep track of in the car or plane.

Amazon Kindle Fire Kids Tablet

Shake & Make lets kids reassemble drawings, kind of like an endless series of puzzles.

Kids Style

AlvaKids app helps parents figure out just the right size in any kids' brand. Fewer returns, whoo! |

Phillips Sonicare toothbrush for kids review - makes life soooo much easier for parents.