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  • Sherri Seligson

    Emboidered Map: A good way to learn the U.S. states while practicing some sewing skills. The link shows how to do it!

  • Jessica Norcross

    Okay, it's not cross stitch, but embroidery. Same tools. Fill in the states as you visit them. One with a world map would be pretty awesome also. Sounds like a good project to take along on a road trip.

  • Samantha Grigsby

    cross stitch to document where you've traveled. Great project for daughter. I remember doing different little projects like this when I was young

  • Elise Greska

    document where you've traveled. I'd need a world map, but super cute idea... Maybe as a pillow cover

  • Sarah Saddler

    Cute way to track states you've been to... Could you imagine doing a world map version and stitching in the countries you had been to...

  • Sydney Manning

    Document where you've traveled. Such a cool idea, but I want to do it with a world map!

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embroidered map - making all of the continents (in 3 pieces) would be even better

this is similar to this awesome 70s embroidery sampler my mom made of the states, but in hers each state was filled in with what the state is known for, so new york has the statue of liberty, georgia has a peach, etc. i love my mom's 70s sewing projects.

I know I can do this...with a big ol' heart on TX...but think I'd want Alaska & Hawaii on smaller hoops instead of just below.

embroider a trip on a map and then frame it with idea for your honeymoon!

Hand Embroidered Map of USA Wall Hanging in Hoop. $94.00, via Etsy. We could do something like this with the states we've been to. One color for Ry, one for me, and a mixture for the places we've both been.

embroider a trip on a map and then frame it >> So much fun!

How stinking clever is this?! Embroider your trip path on a map and frame! I have to take another roadtrip just so I can do this!!!

1. Visit state. 2. Take pictures in said state. 3. Cut them out in the shape of said state, and adhere to map.

This would make a great visual when studying states/regions/cultures. Displaying the different elements the children uncover.