So awesome: flash drives upcycled from vintage Superman action figures

cryptex flash drive

Superman Flash Drive Cuff Linnks - In case you ever need an emergency flash drive, you can use your cuff links!! hmmmm.....

Superman Engagement Ring. Make it a Green Lanter one, and the hubby will wear it.

Guitar flash drive...

dataSTICKIES - They are graphene-based flash drives that replace USB data drives; each of them can be peeled from the stack and stuck anywhere on the ODTS (Optical Data Transfer Surface), which is a panel that can be attached to the front surface of devices like computer screens, televisions, music systems, etc... I love technology!!

Fancy - Superman & Batman Bookends

Lenovo made a Selfie Flash and it is awesome | The Verge

Holy ear-aches, Batman! These ear-buds also come in Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and the Flash. I'm wanna get 'em all!!!

haha can someone please get me this flash drive?!

Need it!

Holy cow - Wifi hotspot cufflinks! Best gift.

AirStash Drive is a flash drive which can stream files via WiFi to smart phones and tablets wirelessly and can even stream different videos to up to 3 devices simultaneously. #innovation #gadget #technology #device #streaming #wifi #useful

soooo cool! Most def need these!

Lightsaber Flash Drives

Flash Drive for iPhone/iPad.

usb flash drive Cute flash drives for the geek!

i must have this...

USB Flash Drive

Thermacell Heated Insoles // to keep your toes warm! I need these for icy cold winter days! Clever design. #gadget