Flash drive made from vintage Robin LEGO figure

Plug and playWater proof/dust proof/shake and crack resistantCapacity : USB2.0 8GB

cryptex flash drive

Gatorade USB Flash Drives

Chewing Gum USB Flash Drive (click for "10 Recycled USB Flash Drive Mods")

I have always wanted cute usb flash drives and i might get this one

Lego USB flash drives

Chocolate USB Flash Drive

Transformer USB drive.

Swiss Army USB Flash Drives

Best flash drive ever.

Deze is echt stiekem! Een USB Flashdrive dat er uit ziet als Nagellak.. Geniaal! #usb #flashdrive #nails

Camera Inspired Flash Drive

Cool Leaf Touchscreen Keyboard

The Pinterest 100: Tech; All-in-one, compact smartphone accessories that you can take anywhere.

cute flash drive

A liquid-free, reusable pocket sized touch screen cleaner for #iPhone, #iPad and all mini touchscreen display devices. #tech #gadgets

Lego USB hubs are stackable

I love these!

USB Flash Drive Security Lock