Awesome new travel series of SIGG water bottles for kids

Panda school supplies: Lantern Panda SIGG water bottle

Cute Sigg kids water bottles in partnership with Cuipo: Each one saves 1 square meter of rainforest.

Don't let the cute kitty deceive you - we tested this new SIGG no-leak water bottle and it is tough stuff!

hello kitty sigg water bottles. Our girls are begging for these.


German made dishware for kids

Fantastic card game for kids that teaches about great works of art.

Toddler Travel Toys & Tips

The Best Outdoor Activities For Kids to enjoy!

Courtney Courtney upcycled USA-made dresses. A huge fave! Every one is different.

Tiger Cape by lovelane on Etsy

Huge list of great bedtime books for kids.

A CUP OF JO: Winter Water Factory

Great tip for hotel travel with a toddler (or two).

New hoodies from Winter Water Factory. The space print is killing us

On-the-Go Fun for Kids: A parents' lifesaver filled with 250 ideas for travel games and boredom killers

Need some ideas to get your kids calmed and focused? Free printables of calming, organizing and alerting activities for children.

9 surprising items to pack that make family travel easier and more fun.

Super pure moisturizer

{Travel books for kids} The "This Is. . ." series. We love these books and I am so excited to have finally collected a bunch of the titles for our family! Excellent holiday gift idea for anyone with a severe case of wanderlust! (Adults included!)