handmade porcelain fox plates

Donna Wilson porcelain, designer born in Schotland

Cat Brooch Handpainted Delft blue porcelain by HarrietDamave, $37.00.

Porcelain cheese trays handmade by mbartstudios

ceramic toast plate

Cool Cat Plates (set of 5)

Paula Valentim's porcelain


diy bunny plate.

Porcelain Cloud Dish / Trinket Plate

Lovely plates

Japanese ceramic tableware

technique called decaling for her handmade collection of delicate porcelain designs. She uses vintage wallpaper, lace or any pattern or texture she finds inspiring and then printing the image on tissue paper she transfers the design to her porcelain. This technique gives her handmade designs a perfectly imperfect look

Matte Porcelain Cup | Leif

blue and white Japanese plates - KAMON Not normally a fan of designs on crockery, but these are so simply pretty!

Hedgehog Bowl in White Clay Decorated with Pigments in Brown, Pink and Black. Made To Order

Rustic elements, organic shapes, porcelain....

Bear Plate & Cup by Donna Wilson

Porcelain envelopes