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Babyproofing, when you're a tech mama, is just a wee bit more nightmarish than for those who don't own 8 million power strips. But maybe this outlet cover will help ease your pain?

KidsLink app: Smart, safe private social network for families instead of sharing everything to Facebook.

Recessed outlets so your humongo plugs don't force your furniture away from the wall. So smart! (via Amye ToTheRescue!)

Sure beats the powers strips we own.

Outlets hidden under the cabinets so they don't interrupt the backsplash design

Hack of plywood boxes coated in (safe) paint & clear polyurethane makes for most excellent kids' room storage- plus dark grey accent wall

Duux Air Purifier is the most beautiful we've seen, and so small + pretty

I've spotted this @BodenClothing Cosy Romper