Paper by FiftyThree app - an amazing sketchbook app for the artist in your life. So beautiful!

Amazing designs from an amazingly simple drawing app for iPad. Kids looove it.

Paper Townes Friends

The most personal way to send a gift card: This app lets you record your own video to go with it. So smart!

Pictli photo framing app automatically sends gift-wrapped, framed photos starting at just $20 right from your phone or PC. Great way to send easy keepsake gifts, even last minute.

Mynd: Possibly the best free calendar app we've found. Isn't it gorgeous?

Larky App tracks all your membership benefits from everything you've ever signed up for.

Terrific new app called Boxed that's like shopping warehouse stores, only with free home delivery. Whoo!

The new Hunger Games app for kids! (Though we're addicted to it too)

Terrific list of 10 of the best organizational apps for parents as we head into September

amazing paper towel flowers

Modular leather iPad and tablet cases from This is Ground

The new #RedRover app: Like Twitter for events and activities with kids. Makes finding what to do with your kids a cinch. (And it's free!)

Tip: The WorkTime HD desktop clock app for iPad is fantastic. Use it like a screensaver when the iPad is in the kitchen to keep everyone on track in the morning.

Fun personalized iPhone case

AppCertain lets you monitor the apps your kids are downloading on their devices.

Burberry iPad Mini case in sapphire, spotted at 40% off. Gorgeous gift.

Child's alphabet app adapted from 1885 Baseball ABCs book. Neat.

A whole bunch of reasons we want the new iPad Air and iPad Mini. (Drool!)

Jumpseewow dress-up and coloring app: Will keep the kids busy for a looooong time!

Top 5 Amazing Art Apps for the iPad