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  • Rochelle Saucier
    • 3 years ago

    My best friend owns a sign company and she just looked for a font that resembled Blow Pop's for me. You might be able to find a similar font online.

  • Amber Holden
    • 3 years ago

    Is this meant to be suggestive?

  • Heather Gemaehlich-C
    • 3 years ago

    Is it a sticker? How did you get it to stay on? What did you put them all in that would hold forty suckers and for them to stay up like that? I love it! My husbands friend turns 40 and thought I'd try and make it! Great idea!!

  • Lori Johnson
    • 3 years ago

    @Amber..depends if you want it to be! I usually have my mind in the gutter and was thinking about blowing out candles. :-)

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40 blows--perfect for an upcoming party

Another great "milestone" birthday present! You can also fill it will Pop Rocks and make the sign say "40 Rocks!"

40 Blows! Etched Wine glass filled with gum balls and topped off with Blow Pops!

40 Blows. Love it. Great for birthday decor - could do mini version/various sized containers as cp's and have flowers coming out as well.

40th birthday gift basket: 40 rocks! (Pop rocks), 40 is fresh! (Car clip on air freshner), 40 doesn't blow! (bubblegum), 40 doesn't suck! (blow pops), 40 is hot! (Fireballs), 40 is nothing to stress about! (Stress relief lotion), kiss me I'm 40! (Lip balm), 40 is smokin'! (Candy cigarettes), 40 cheers to you! (Champagne), 40 is nothing to whine about! (Bottle of wine)

mason jar candle. So easy to make! Got twine from the dollar store,wrapped it around the top, filled with epsom salts spiked witha generous dose of Lavendar oil, and put in a candle! So easy and so cute! I didn't add any vintage key or other decor but I will hit up the antique and thrift stores and I can always add it on! So happy with this!

Actually it doesn't at all... But anyone who is 39 years old would say differently. Great gift- ha!