Vilano Beach, Florida

The Sun, The Moon and The Stars

✯ Moon over the water . . .

THis is where I want to be... I want to be on the beach at night starring at the moon and it's light. this is all I really would like to see the stars out on that night shining brighter than before when the ocean will slowly fill your ears with it's flowing music all will be nice and all will be calm and all will be under God's control. ♥

Because even at night, the sea is beautiful

And yes it is that beautiful! Hope to take my boys there someday. Beautiful Places Around the World Vol.2 - Maui beach, Hawaii

Full moon in Charleston, South Carolina • photo: Charleston Outdoors Magazine

Waterspout,Tampa, #Florida, USA

Golden Caramel Sunrise over Juno Beach Pier, Florida

So beautiful! Take me to the ocean!

Sunset Ocean

✯ Full Moon at Folly Beach - Charleston SC Charleston, SC- Graduated from College here and lived here 10 years. I miss the atmosphere, the ocean and the food.


~` whispers on the wind `~

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Clearwater Beach, Florida

full moon

✮ Awesome Ocean Sunset

500px / Photo "Night on Blackpool Beach" by ian mylam