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    • Debbie Kay

      You could use these and paper lanterns!! DIY Ball Light Fixtures

    • Brianna Linkert

      Twine Lanterns (translated) Materials Needed 1. The usual round balloon of any size, but not less than 40 cm 2. Knitting yarn (3-4 coils) 3. Glue on the basis of starch (2-3 bottles) 4. PVA glue (can be replaced starch-based adhesive, but properties of PVA is worse) 5. Wire and lighting fixtures for pendant lamp (you can buy in "1000 detail" or other hardware stores) 6. Bulb 7. Ceiling Hook 8. Scissors 9. Waterproof fabrics, oil cloth or a piece of tarpaulin 10. Rubber gloves 11. Foam Brush 12. Brushes or plastic cover Step 1 The first thing to do is inflate the balloon to its maximum size and tie it so it does not deflate. Try to inflate the balloon so that it has a round shape - because the shape of a ball overhaul will affect the final shape of the lampshade. You can use the ball of any size, but start with a diameter of 40 cm, to go through all the steps of instruction and learning by experience not to make light less than the size of the balloon. Step 2 Now try to remember how to do a mask or a globe out of papier-mache in elementary school, using a balloon as a basis on which the superimposed layers of paper. We will do roughly the same thing, only instead of papier-mache will use knitting yarn, soaked in glue or PVC glue solution on the starch. These actions will create the basis for the light. Step 3 Take the end of the thread and tie it at the bottom of the balloon to the side where the ball is inflated and fixed. This will be the top of the lampshade, and we cut out this site later, so do not worry about the protruding ends or the size of the site. Step 4 Pick up a ball of yarn and start winding the balloon thread. Design lampshade is entirely dependent on the method and sequence in which you wrap the ball of thread. It is important to try to distribute the yarn evenly to a thickness of the tube across the surface of the same. For the first time do not try to do something unusual or unique, better focus on the uniform application of the cross-taut strings. Everything you need to achieve, so it is fairly tight tension, while at the same time not distorting the shape of the balloon. Step 5 Continue to wind the thread around the ball until you are sure that we were able to do 5.4 flat layers over the entire surface. The result should be wound enough yarn to completely hide the balloon. If you see small gaps that remain, do not worry - these gaps allow light to break through in some places more clearly and make the final design unique. Step 6 Cut the thread and tie a knot on the balloon. Step 7 Cover the work surface waterproof cloth tablecloth dining room or a piece of canvas and begin to spray onto the surface of the ball resulting PVA glue or starch-based adhesive. Step 8 Wear rubber gloves and using foam brush apply a large amount of adhesive on the entire surface of the lamp of the future. You need to saturate every thread of glue around the ball, because if even one of them will remain dry, the shade will not form an ideal, and in the worst-case scenario - just fall apart. Step 9 Leave the ball in the wires to dry overnight. If possible, it is better to hang, then the resulting surface foundations will not come into contact with anything that could distort the shape of the perfect shade. Step 10 Once the foundation is dry, with the help of needles, pins, or need to pop the knife inside the balloon. Maybe in some places, the remnants of the ball would have to scrape the inner wall of the resulting shade. Step 11 Cut a small hole at the top of the ball around the site, which tied the ends of the filament. The hole should be sized so that you can slide the bulb through it, but no more. Step 12 Insert the lamp shade light fixtures and replace the bulb. To fix the valves inside the lamp, wrap the wire around a few thin brushes, then thread the inside of the sphere and flatten. Adjust the length of the wire to position the element of light in the center inside the lampshade. Step 13 Attach the new fixture to the ceiling hook and turn on the light. All done!

    • Chandra Christensen

      Pinner said: Lantern made form string, craft glue, and a balloon. I made these as Christmas ornaments (smaller of course) and it turned out great. Got that idea from Martha Stewart.

    • Claire Thomson

      DIY Light Fixtures @ Do It Yourself Remodeling Ideas

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