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Chase, Jamie (1955-...) Sasha reading 1

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This picture is showing us how brand name products and shopping centers are always hungry for more money and more consumerism.

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Milan Italy



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Cross Stiched Pac Man Street Art via @Jamie Dorobek {C.R.A.F.T.} #streetart #awesome #pacman

Society6from Society6

Gotta Love Art Print by Burdge

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Adam and Gracie... I don't know where this ship is from but this is just really cute...

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"Now here she was in his arms, and nothing had ever felt so right. Standing chest to chest, breathing in his scent and his strength…nothing had ever felt so much like home." - Jamie & Chase -- -- -- Rock Stars Do It Forever by Jasinda Wilder


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I remember watching this at a sleepover when I was maybe in 3rd grade...whattt those parents were thinking who knows...nightmares for years...still hate that movie O_O

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If you're in Santa Fe, NM on Tuesday, July 12th, please stop by and see my friend and At The Earth's Core partner in crime, Jamie Chase at the Jean Cocteau Cinema for a gallery of his work. It's sure to be a fun night and a must for fans of Edgar Rice Burroughs' Pellucidar stories. If you do go, take a lot of photos for me since I can't be there.

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Jamie Chase

Matthews Gallery

felixinclusis - via: bookilover - source: mukashikaranokoe: Jamie Chase

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chasingtailfeathers: Andrew Wyeth

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Scrabble idea for the nursery walls. First & middle names....or husband/wife....then add kids as they come along

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Genderbent!Jasper ((art by: viria))

SURFER Magazinefrom SURFER Magazine

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Jamie Mitchell Does Everything - The big-wave surfer talks about chasing swells and hosting the Waterman's Festival

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Always Will - Jamie Snell, Jarrad Rogers + Jay Cook (Hillsong) [ 2013 ] From the album “Glorious Ruins” by Hillsong Live 134 / 365 *Click here to view the complete “365 Worship Project!”

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Reading and Art: Jamie Chase, Sasha with orange

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Andrew Wyeth - Field Flowers - 1959

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Jamie Chase_ Figurative and Landscapes_ Matthews Gallery - just beautiful

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