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Portada alternativa temática Batman v Superman de New Suicide Squad #18 por Tony Daniel

DC Comics have released their Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice variant covers of their upcoming issues for March. The variants feature artists like Dustin Nguyen, Tony Daniel, Tony Harris, and Matteo Scalera.

BANE Breaking the Bat!

Bane: Break You! // artwork by David Finch and Jeremy Cox Cover art for Batman: The Dark Knight be sure to check out the original take on this moment by Jim Aparo and a surreal recreation.


Les illustrations de Shannon Trottman ( don& know what language this is in but good job Shannon!


Batman vs The Walking Dead! - "Batman: Gotham Knights by Brian Bolland


A Panel From Detective Comics "Made Of Wood" Art by Patrick Zircher (Pencils) & Aaron Sowed (Inks)