Baby food Jars organize buttons, or scrapbooking embellishments or at my house, nails and screws. An extra spice rack and jars house the buttons.

Button Jars - canning jars from Walmart sold in packages of 4 for $4.00  Dawn McVey's studio

The cubby shelf unit is from Pottery Barn and houses mini canning jars filled with buttons. The jars are also from Wal-mart and come 4 in a box (found in the canning supplies section) for about 4 dollars.

Painel para organizar o Atelier

Extra Large Pegboard Craft Room Organization - I Love This Pegboard Idea How she Put the Frame around the board as well! She doesn't have a designated craft room but an extra large LR so she devoted a corner of her LR for her craft area - Great idea whe

50+ Ways to Re Use Baby Food Jars - Happy Hooligans

50+ Fantastic Ways to Re-Use Baby Food Jars

50 Ways to Re Use Baby Food Jars in the home, craft room, workshop, classroom and garden! Awesome crafts, great gift ideas and super-handy ways to make use of all those empty baby food jars youve been hanging onto!

sewing rooms organization | Organizing Ribbon | SEWING ROOM ORGANIZATION

Quick & Easy Organizing Tips for the Craft Room

Great for washi tape, too! Get straw holders(Bed Bath and Beyond) to store ribbon spools! Just pull up the top and the whole stack comes up, no need to remove spools to use!


Sewing Studio Inspiration

Shoe cubbies for storage. When you can see it, you will use it. There's room at the top for your die-cutting machines, and other items.

Repurpose a Shoe Cubby for Storing Die-Cutting Supplies A shoe rack has deep cubbies that can keep long, oversize punches out of the way, as well as tag makers, paper trimmers, and die-cutting tools and accessories


Do you use a lot of glitter in your Christmas crafting? Store your glitter or colored sand in salt and pepper shakers! This craft supply storage idea is so great. - love the salt shaker rack, where to get?

Make your own paper storage unit tutorial - making this tonight

Craft Room: Make your own paper storage unit Tutorial. Store your Scrapbook papers neat and curl free, and an amazingly low cost! As Always, read the feedback for more ideas!

Magnetic Upside Down Storage For Glues

Magnetic Upside Down Storage For Glues

Attach dollar store cookie sheet to the bottom of shelf. Add small magnets to the bottom of glitter glue bottles and they stick to the cookie sheet!

This was made from Crysal light containers.

Marker, pencil and tool storage was made by using Crystal Light and tin candy containers. Covered with patterned paper and then added magnets to the back of them. Her husband mounted two pieces of sheet metal purchased at a local craft store.

Scraps! This is such a great idea but you need to have space for it... I'd like to create something similar in a corner of my class room...

Scrap paper storage with magazine holders. and I'm going to use cereal boxes instead of magazine holders.