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  • Rebecca Weller

    Jacks....during my childhood this was a fun game to play! It's what we did before computers and video games!

  • Margie Sousa

    How to play Jacks, with many variations. Sitting on the hardwood floor surrounding the jacks. We kept them in a little drawstring cloth bag. Those who were real serious about the game brought their own jacks & ball because they were used to the bounce they would get.

  • Anna Schmauch

    Played this in elementary school!

  • Sharon McCord

    How to play Jacks - loved this game during recess - best played with golf ball.

  • Latisha Persaud

    Childhood Memories

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This is a huge classic game from the past! I guess every kid had one! I had one in my time, back in the 70s........ It was a fun game, where you would throw the sticks on the floor or table and then players would take turns in removing one stick at a time without moving the other sticks! If you failed you would loose! The winner was the last player standing! Fun, fun, fun!!!

Oh this brings back memories. Please visit my Facebook page at:

Jacks - my mom played "jacks" and taught me how to play... in the Fifties. That and Tiddly Winks.

I love this cute vintage pick-up sticks packaging.

I'd watch this before going to school in the morning.

Jacks! At school,in the winter, we girls were allowed to stay in out of the cold and play jacks,Barbies,etc. in the hallways. Yes ,we could actually bring toys to school,and nobody stole them.

Still have one of these! You can buy them in Wal Mart but the game moves much faster than the original.