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Pup in a bag ... Uploaded with Pinterest Android app. Get it here: http://bit.ly/w38r4m

(OvO) I don't know who she was...or even what she looked like, but clearly she was kind. (Date and location unknown)

Beluga Whale – Delphinapterus leucas Henry Horenstein’s Animalia

amazing negative space!!!

~ cat shadow and silhouette

Miroslav Tichy

John Hinde postcard

Canopy, 1958 From Saul Leiter (Steidl)

love this pic

by Claudio Napolitano (so many levels to this one)

A dog rests on a couch in a store in Texas, 1992


Alain Delon, 1962 - photo by Jack Garofalo.

back-then: top cat

Boys dressed up in school uniforms pose with king penguins at the London Zoo, 1953. Photograph by B. Anthony Stewart and David S. Boyer, National Geographic Creative


Poodle on a paddleboard

Peru. National Geographic. February 1971

What's up? Close view of a pet cat named Goldie, July 1972. Photograph by Bruce Dale, National Geographic

Man and dog in bubble bath, Wally Kilminster (1934)