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You might be a redneck If you use this as a car seat~

Fer them 'spensive suppers. Now this is whut I call fancy.

For every problem... There's a Redneck solution... Redneck inventions and funny pictures

20 Of The Best Redneck Repair Jobs: This car seat... Let us know if you'd like a REAL (and legal) car seat.

redneck toliet seat cover - Now I know what to do with those miss matched socks.

They checked all the boxes..mullet-- no sleeve shirt jacket combo--missing teeth-- beer in hand--ripped jeans-- hunting dog-- enormous bump--cigarette -- flip flops--trailer park. Gold medal winner.

Redneck games for the party- toilet seat toss?!?

One scary looking toilet!

Redneck love poem. This is terrific. :D

Call us for all your repairs, at 1-800-REDNECK! yes kinda like my methods.."close enough"